Web Development

For several years I was the Webmaster for the WatfordLive local arts festival. I built their interactive website from scratch, and each year I made various changes according to the requirements of the festival.

I also regularly work for Future Start Independent Financial Planning, where I help with SEO and various modifications

I have also designed a few sites for small businesses.

Several years ago I completed a CIW distance learning course, which gave me a good foundation in web design and internet technology. I have studied XHTML, PHP, MySQL databases and to a lesser extent Javascript. I passed this course with excellent grades, and then expanded my knowledge by working through Robin Nixon’s “PHP, MySQL & Javascript”, which I thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants an introduction to the ‘big-3’ web technologies that allow you to create dynamic websites. This book was a massive help to me as I designed the Watford Live website, which relies heavily on PHP and MySQL for its functions.

Recently I started my own pet retail business, for which I built this website; www.choicepetsupplies.co.uk