Lansky the Puck

Today I sharpened my hand axe for the first time ever. I have had it for more than 10 years, and it was very blunt and battered. I received my ‘Lansky the Puck” sharpening stone in the post today, and went to work this evening. It is a very rough and ready method; you just hold the puck firmly in your hand and make circular motions against the cutting edge, hoping that you are holding it at a good angle. My first attempt tonight was far from perfect, but my little hand axe now has a half decent cutting edge.

Here is my axe before sharpening:

And here it is after:


I have a huge pile of wood to get through since taking the tree down, and I want to rely on my log grenade and hand axe rather than the chainsaw, because the chainsaw makes a huge pile of mess, plus it is noisy and consumes a lot of electricity.

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